It is the policy of Vireo Health International, Inc. to facilitate communications by stockholders and other interested parties with the Board of Directors. Stockholders and other interested parties may send communications in writing to any or all members of the Board (including the Chairman, or the non-management directors, either individually or as a group) by mail. All such correspondence can be sent to the director(s) by mail c/o the General Counsel, 207 South 9th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55402.

Communications that meet the procedural and substantive requirements of the process approved by the Board of Directors will be delivered to the specified member of the Board, non-management directors as a group or all members of the Board, as applicable, on a periodic basis, which generally will be in advance of or at each regularly scheduled meeting of the Board. Communications of a more urgent nature will be referred to the General Counsel or his delegates, who will determine whether it should be delivered more promptly. All communications must be in English and be accompanied by the address, telephone number and e-mail address, if any, of the person submitting the communication. Any personal involvement or other interest of the person in the matter must be addressed in the communication. In addition, interested parties who are not security holders must state their relationship, if any, with Vireo Health International, Inc.

Communications that are not appropriate for delivery to the Board of Directors will not be delivered, including:

  • communications that do not conform to the above procedural requirements;
  • communications regarding individual grievances or other interests that are personal to the party submitting the communication and could not reasonably be construed to be of concern to security holders or other constituencies of Vireo Health International, Inc. generally;
  • communications that advocate Vireo Health International, Inc. engage in illegal activities;
  • communications that, under community standards, contain offensive, scurrilous or abusive content;
  • communications that are not related to the duties and responsibilities of the Board, including, but not limited to, junk mail and mass mailings, business solicitations, new product or service suggestions, and opinion survey polls; and
  • communications that have no rational relevance to the business or operations of Vireo Health International, Inc.

Communications that constitute a "stockholder proposal" will be addressed pursuant to the procedures set forth under Canadian Securities laws and/or under Vireo Health International, Inc.’s Certificate of Incorporation or Bylaws, and must comply with the procedures set forth in our organizational documents.

In addition, communications involving (1) accounting, internal accounting controls and auditing matters, (2) possible violations of, or non-compliance with, applicable legal and regulatory requirements, (3) possible violations of Vireo Health International, Inc.’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, or (4) retaliatory acts against anyone who makes such a complaint or assists in the investigation of such a complaint, may also be made by mail at the previously-provided address.

Vireo Health International, Inc.’s acceptance and forwarding of communications to any director does not imply that the director owes or assumes any fiduciary duty to the person submitting the communication. The duties of the directors are only those prescribed by applicable law.